Ask Us Anything at Lean Coffee

When it comes to Business Agility, “just trust the teams” is horrible advice. Truthfully, there are conditions within every organization that the delivery teams simply can’t address, especially when the teams are operating in isolation from the parts of the organization that make funding, compliance, technology, and strategy decisions.

The thing is, if you truly want to drive toward Business Agility, you have to respect the concerns of the parts of the organization that aren’t yet built for it and begin building a system capable of creating the conditions for organizational alignment.

Join us for this Lean Coffee-style AMA event as we:

  • Dig into some common concerns through the lens of various slices of the organization.
  • Discuss how these slices are often mismatched with their Agile counterparts.
  • Explore remediation techniques we can use while we build a holistic system capable of sustaining Agility.

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