“If only we could get leadership to trust the teams” is something we often hear from those involved in Agile Transformation.

So why is it so hard to get leaders to give up control and empower the teams?

While it’s true that leaders must lead differently in an Agile organization, it’s also true that Agilists need to create safety for these leaders to give up the control that made them successful in the first place.

That safety comes from understanding their core challenges and helping them to lead the business, control costs, and set expectations in a way that enables Agile leadership principles rather than hinder them.

However, before you can ask them to lead differently and trust the teams, the teams and the overall delivery system must demonstrate trustworthiness.

In this lean coffee-style AMA event, we’ll answer all your questions about the role of leadership in Agile, Agile leadership practices, and creating safety for leadership to lead in a way that enables Agility.


  • Agile Leadership Practices
  • What Makes an Agile Leader?
  • Creating Safety for Agile Leadership

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